ATM Simulation Executable Demo

The only executable version of this program that is currently available is on Gordon College's internal network, and is therefore only accessible to Gordon College users. Hopefully a java version will soon be available from this page for any user on the web!

To access the Gordon version:

  1. This implementation has been designed to use features of a DEC VT320 terminal. Unfortunately, not all terminal emulators that claim to emulate the VT320 really do so completely. For best results, use a real VT320 or a MacIntosh running MacTerminal.
  2. Log in to FAITH.
  3. Run CS320:ATM.
  4. The rest should be self explanatory. To exit the demo, enter "S" to toggle the operator switch to off between sessions.

The demonstration version uses a very simple implementation of the bank, with hardwired card numbers and PIN's, etc. The following are the available cards:
Card NumberPINAvailable accounts
142Checking account #1, Savings account #2
21234Checking account #1, Money market account #3
(Note that both cards link to the same checking account)
All the features of the bank work - both current and available balances (initially the same) are maintained for each account and a $300 daily withdrawl limit per card is enforced.

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Copyright © 1996 - Russell C. Bjork. Permission for non-commercial reproduction for educational use is hereby granted; all other rights are reserved.