ATM Simulation Executable Demo

Two executable versions of this program are currently available. The C++ version is on Gordon College's internal network, and is therefore only accessible to Gordon College users. The java version is available as an applet. Both versions should be pretty much self-explanatory as far as operation goes. Note that when you simulate putting a card in the machine, you will be asked to type a card number, since we don't have a real card reader!

Both demonstration versions use a very simple implementation of the bank, with hardwired card numbers and PIN's, etc. The following are the available cards:
Card NumberPIN Available accounts
142Checking account #1, Savings account #2
21234Checking account #1, Money market account #3
(Note that both cards link to the same checking account)
All the features of the bank work - both current and available balances (initially the same) are maintained for each account and a $300 daily withdrawl limit per card is enforced.

I would appreciate feedback about the operation and/or appearance of this applet on different platforms. (Feedback about other issues is welcome, too, of course.)

NOTE: This applet was originally implemented using Java version 1.0.2. Because of a change in the way that dialog boxes are implemented between Java version 1.0 and version 1.1, it does not work correctly with browsers that implement the Java 1.1 event model. For this reason, I have created two versions. Please be sure to select the appropriate version for your browser. (Netscape 3 is Java version 1.0.2; Netscape 4 fully implements the Java 1.1. event model on Windows and Unix but not on MacIntoshes, so use the 1.0.2 version with Netscape 4 on Macs.) Symptoms of using the wrong version are as follows:

In either case, the solution is to use the other version of the applet - if you try both versions and neither work, let me know.

Also, I have received feedback that the 1.0.2 version of the applet causes system freeze-ups when using Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.01 and 3.02 on Windows 95. It does work with IE 4.0 and with Netscape on Windows 95. Since a Java applet should not be able to crash a system under any circumstances, I suspect that the problem lies with Internet Explorer. If you are using IE 3.xx you may want to switch to a different browser before proceeding!

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