ATM Simulation Transaction Interaction Diagram

An interaction diagram is an analysis tool that can be used when an object interacts with various other objects to perform some task. One place this occurs in the ATM Simulation is during the execution of a transaction, when the transaction must interact with the Customer (via the ATM) to get specific information (such as choice of account(s), amount), with the Bank, and with various components of the ATM (e.g. cash dispenser, printer). The diagram below is an interaction diagram for a WithdrawlTransaction. This diagram was developed in 1998 (two years after the initial development of the system) - I'm still learning, too! The system as implemented is not totally consistent with the diagram - perhaps if I had known about interaction diagrams and done this diagram earlier the final system might have been a bit different (and probably more elegant). It would, of course, also be possible (and desirable) to draw similar diagrams for the other three types of transaction. (Is an "exercise left for the student" lurking here?)

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