Basic Professional Information

I am a tenured Associate Professor of Mathematics at Gordon College, on Boston's North Shore. I teach a variety of math courses running the gamut from core courses to senior-level ones.

I received my PhD in Mathematics from the University of Chicago; my thesis, "Chow Groups of Zero-Cycles Relative to Hyperplane Arrangements", was completed under the direction of Spencer Bloch. Before that, I studied mathematics and keyboard instruments at Northwestern University and Roosevelt University.


I'm fortunate to have support from students through administration to:

Some work related to this has ended up published or otherwise reached a broader audience, see below.

Scholarship and Other Professional Activities

Here are some of the professional things I have been up to lately:

Math of Voting

Here are some brief summaries of projects I've worked on.

In the mathematics of voting, extending the work of Orrison and his students to social preference functions. They interpreted much of Saari's decomposition work in a more explicitly algebraic framework, using irreducible subspaces of the profile space under the action of the symmetric group to characterize various voting rules.

My own work (in Cont. Math. 624) extends this to the case of 'scoring' social preference functions. The main result is to connect the Borda Count and Kemeny Rule as giving rise to the 'most symmetric' members of this large class of procedures. For a broader audience, here is a talk I gave about this some time ago.

For a more recent, generalist talk on some topics I think about (including voting on cyclic orderings), read these slides from a talk given at Willamette University in 2016.

Several years ago, my student Sarah Berube and I extended work of Saari and Bargagliotti in characterizing sets of profiles which arise in nonparametric statistical tests. This appeared in Mathematical Social Sciences. An earlier version is here, and here are slides from an invited talk I gave in Irvine about this.

Web Stuff

Please note I am aware that my site is behind the times, oh-so 20th-century. It's a decision that had to be made, but someday I hope to make it more snappy.

Various professionally-related profiles:

Finally - to those who find me again via the ensnaring Web after many years, whether from high school, college, or beyond, please feel free to contact me; I'd love to hear from you!